Simple care for the connected home

Help Customers Help Themselves

Reduce support costs with motivating self-service

At Sweepr, we imagine a world where people are not only surrounded by technology but embrace it and troubleshoot effortlessly. What if we could make self-service as simple as checking the weather?

We leverage the latest in artificial intelligence, voice assistance and behavioral psychology to support customers with all their internet-enabled technologies in the home. It’s service, on demand.

Sweepr, what’s wrong with the dishwasher?
Sweepr, my internet is slow
Sweepr, my Netflix isn't loading

Knowing you, knowing your home

Offer intelligent care to every consumer

We call our approach Contextually Adaptive Care: we use our knowledge of the local network, connected devices and service diagnostics to diagnose a consumer problem.

Sweepr’s cloud technology and machine learning delivers clear, simple to use multimedia fixes for all, from those who love technology to those who avoid it.

Problem resolved
Home Context
User Context
Problem Identified

Let's do it with them, not for them

Engage your customers with support

Let’s face it: no one wants to call customer support. It means navigating the complicated menu of an automated phone tree, waiting on hold far longer than you want to, transferring back and forth to different “specialists.”

Instead, Sweepr builds context for the user’s problem to deliver specific, relevant, customized help, right now. In instructions, pictures and video that are easy to understand and targeted to the technical skill of the user.

We’re lowering the bar for customers to get meaningful help. Right now.